Bunn Splitting / Skiving
  • Bunn rolls and molded bunns can be split to just about any desired thickness.
  • Both closed and open cell materials can be custom sized for your application.

  • Pressure sensitive adhesives, foils and films can be laminated to closed and open cell sponge and foam materials.
  • Custom length, compressed rolls and multi-layer materials are all available to meet your application.

Die Cutting / Kiss Cutting
  • Individually cut parts per your specifications are available with and without pressure sensitive adhesive.
  • SECON has unlimited die cutting capabilities from very large to small parts can be customized to meet your specifications.
  • Kiss-cut parts are die cut to the adhesive release liner.
  • Allows end-user to remove the individual part from a common backing.
  • No need to pick adhesive release liner from individual parts.
  • Kiss cut parts are available in both sheet and roll form.

Slit Sponge / Foam Rolls
  • Slit rolls can be provided in a variety of thickness and widths with and without pressure sensitive adhesives.
  • Roll diameters are up to 24" are available.

  • Spooling of sponge, foam, pressure sensitive adhesives and films are available to provide you with longer continuous lengths for high volume applications.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film Rolls
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives, films and foils are available in narrow and wide widths.
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